I work with organizations to build a trusting and supportive workplace where each person takes responsibility for the success of the organization.

– Kathy

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Kathy Stoddard Torrey

As a leadership coach, trainer, and speaker, Kathy Stoddard Torrey has been helping individuals and organizations achieve success by creating positive relationships for more than 20 years.

She has provided leadership and interpersonal communication seminars internationally to leaders in a variety of industries and to companies such as Deutsche Bank and GE Aviation.

People who work with Kathy gain enhanced communication skills, improved self-awareness, better stress management, and the ability to deal with conflicts confidently and positively. These qualities and abilities create emotionally intelligent leaders who can inspire, motivate, and influence others.

Organizations with high emotional intelligence have higher productivity, improved employee morale, lower turnover, adaptability in the face of change, and higher customer satisfaction.

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"Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence is a game-changing manual for personal growth and enhanced relationships.

Torrey masterfully combines storytelling with practical wisdom, setting her book apart as a beacon in the realm of emotional intelligence. Through the relatable story of Maria, Torrey underscores the profound impact of emotional intelligence on our lives. Kathy Stoddard Torrey writes an excellent work and is for anyone looking to foster personal growth and enriched relationships.”

~ Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence

"Applause for Kathy Torrey! Her book, Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence is an inspiring, illuminating and practical gift.

Torrey’s wisdom shines through in a compelling story that has readers naturally ask themselves and others the kinds of questions that elevate their emotional and social intelligence—and hence their relationships and results. You will be wiser, happier and more successful simply by reading this book!"

~ Marilee Adams, Ph.D. Author of the international bestseller Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

“Kathy Torrey is the Dr. Seuss for executives.

She has converted complex concepts like emotional intelligence, personal renewal, and high-quality relationships through emotional, engaging stories that are easy for anyone to relate to their own lives.”

~ Richard Boyatzis, PhD, Distinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Co-author of the international best seller, Primal Leadership and the new Helping People Change.

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Here’s what people have to say about Kathy

Kathy Stoddard Torrey is a great teacher and coach.

I have enjoyed her walking me through this self-reflection and helping me change my leadership style.

– LB

I feel like I can handle a large work load and the stress that comes with it more easily than I could before.

- SC

Great information and exercises to improve self-awareness, observation, and communication in all aspects of your life.

– GW

The insights I was given into my own leadership style and how I am perceived by others has been invaluable.

The tools and confidence I gained during the series (and subsequent coaching) has helped me to successfully navigate some very important challenges in my life including a workplace promotion and transitioning back to work after maternity leave. Kathy is an exceptional facilitator who clearly cares about each student’s success.

– AE

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